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Kona User Guides
Kona Error Codes
1009 Y position error
1010 X position error
1014 X fuse error
1015 Y fuse error
1045 No Z encoder
1049 Y PWM max error
1050 X PWM max error
1060 Sheet off error
2000 PG problem detected
6098 EPOS calibration error
6099 EPOS measurement is unstable
6100 Bump problem machine width
6105 X measurement problem Reload media
6115 TFT board detection problem
6201 EPOS alignment aborted
6202 The pressure rollers are raised
6203 Alignment procedure has been aborted by the user
6206 Movement failed (moveabsc)
6207 Movement failed (drawcontrol)
6208 Movement failed (scanroutine)
6211 Barcode too long
6212 Barcode width problem
6213 Barcode height problem
6214 Barcode scan problem 1
6215 Barcode scan problem 2
6216 Checksum not OK
6218 Media size problem
6221 Page problem occurred
6222 PG between 2 segments
6223 No EPOS reference found
6225 Possible data clip detected
6226 Print distortion bad rectangle
6227 Stretch detected on bottom of frame.
6227 Stretch detected on top of frame.
6229 Stretch detected on side of frame.
6231 Thickness problem frame bottom
6232 Invalid thickness of P1 (right side of frame bottom).
6233 Invalid thickness of P2 (bottom right of frame bottom).
6234 Invalid thickness of P3 (bottom left side of frame bottom).
6235 Invalid thickness of P4 (left side of bottom point).
6236 Invalid thickness of P1 and P4.
6237 Invalid thickness of P2 and P3.
6241 Thickness problem frame top
6242 Invalid thickness of P5 (right side of frame top).
6243 Invalid thickness of P6 (top right of frame top).
6244 Invalid thickness of P7 (top left side of frame top).
6245 Invalid thickness of P8 (left side of top point).
6246 Invalid thickness of P5 and P8.
6247 Invalid thickness of P6 and P7.
6251 Thickness of centre points (P9 & P10)
6252 Invalid thickness of P9 (right centre point).
6253 Invalid thickness of P10 (left centre point).
6254 Thickness of centre points (P11 & P12)
6255 Invalid thickness of P11 (right centre point).
6256 Invalid thickness of P12(left centre point).
6261 No valid frame found
6262 Only 1 frame point found during diagonal scan.
6263 No frame points found during diagonal scan.
6264 Thickness of left side of frame invalid
6265 Varying thickness
6266 Invalid thickness
6267 Invalid frame angle
6268 Requested X movement for fast scan cannot be executed.
6269 Invalid spot type
6271 Media shift detected
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